How to Connect Bose Headphones to My iPhone

33. How to Connect Bose Headphones to My iPhone1

Bose has kept up its positive consumer reputation for the last 50 years. This company’s headphones are renowned for their outstanding features, such as noise cancellation and unmatched comfort.

You expect a high-quality sound because these headphones aren’t cheap. You can also use Bose headphones with your iPhone if it has a standard headphone jack.

You won’t be able to connect it directly because the most recent iPhone models lack a headphone jack. As a result, Bluetooth is required in order to connect the headset to the iPhone. Additionally, for this to work properly, your iPhone must have the Bose Connect app installed.

But Bluetooth headphone pairing issues can happen to anyone, at any time, with any device. Even the premium headphone manufacturer Bose has experienced these issues. When your headphones are unable to connect to your iOS or Android device, it can be frustrating.

How To Connect Bose Headphones To Iphone Using Bose Connect App

Although many headphones are wireless and recent iPhones lack audio jacks, all Bose wired headsets can connect to iPhones with a conventional audio jack. Bose headphones can be connected to iPhones via Bluetooth and the Bose Connect app for Apple iPhones and other iOS mobile devices.

The Bose Connect app installs firmware updates that support new features and fix audio bugs or glitches in addition to streamlining the connection process.

  1. Download the Bose Connect app to your iPhone from the App Store.
  2. By switching the right earpiece’s switch from red to green, you can activate your Bose Bluetooth-capable headset.
  3. Open the Bose Connect app.
  4. It ought to be possible for the Bose Connect iPhone app to recognize the headphones instantly. When it does, you see an image of your headphones and the text “Drag To Connect.” To start connecting your Bose headset to your iPhone, swipe down on the screen. If your headphones aren’t recognized, you see a screen with several suggestions to help your iPhone locate them.
  5. The Bose Connect app begins to sync with your iPhone, and the word “Connecting” appears at the bottom of the screen.
  6. After the connection is confirmed, tap Ready To Play at the bottom of the screen. All audio on your iPhone can now be listened to through your Bose Bluetooth headset.

How To Pair Bose Headsets With iPhone Settings

Although pairing Bose headphones with an iPhone is best done using the Bose Connect app, you can also use the iOS Settings app to do so.

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on the iPhone. For this method to function, Bluetooth must be activated.
  2. By switching the right earpiece’s switch from red to green, you can turn on your Bose headphones.
  3. Under Other Devices, tap the headphones you want to use. When the connection to Bluetooth is made, the headphones move to the My Devices section with a status of Connected.

How To Disconnect Bose Headphones From An iPhone

It’s easy to turn off your Bose Bluetooth headphones. Change the right earpiece’s switch from green to red by pressing it.

You can use the headphones on another device while removing them from your iPhone if you’d like to. Open the Bose Connect app, tap the image of your headphones, then tap Disconnect. To sever the wireless connection, you can also turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone.

To remove Bose headphones from an iPhone altogether to prevent them from pairing automatically in the future, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the i symbol next to the headphones’ name and then tap Forget This Device.

Can Bose Headphones Be Used With An iPhone?

However, more recent iPhones lack audio jacks, and the vast majority of headphones are wireless, even though all Bose wired headsets are compatible with iPhones with a standard audio port.

For connecting Bose headphones to an iPhone, use the Bose Connect app, which is available for Apple iPhones and other iOS mobile devices.

33. How to Connect Bose Headphones to My iPhone

Why Won’t My Bose Headphones Connect To My iPhone?

Please make sure your iPhone’s Wi-Fi setting is turned on. The switch is located on the right earpiece of your headphones.

If you’re still unable to connect Bose headphones, try the following methods,

Location Access

Knowing your location is necessary to properly connect with the Bose Connect app. Go to the Settings menu, select Apps, Bose Connect, and Permissions, and then select Allow location access to accomplish this.

Clear Cache

Clear the app cache for the Bose Connect app on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > selecting it, and then tapping the Offload app button.

Authentic Headphones

For the Bose Connect app to recognize your headphones as genuine, please make sure they are.

Updated Software

Verify your iPhone’s software to see if it has been updated. The headphones will not connect to your device if it is experiencing issues that need to be fixed.

Enable Bluetooth Permissions

If you are using iOS 13 or later, Apple will prompt you to enable Bluetooth permissions when you first install the Bose Connect app on your smartphone. If you are using iOS 13 or later, this prompt will show up. If you go ahead and choose “Don’t Allow,” the installation process will not be able to be finished. To finish the setup process, please allow the Bluetooth permissions:

  • Scroll down until you find your list of applications in your smartphone’s settings.
  • Pick Bose Connect from the menu.
  • You need to enable the Bluetooth by going to the “Allow Bose To Access” section

Restart The App

The Bose app needs to be closed and then opened again.

  • To view the list of open apps on an iOS device, double-tap the Home button or swipe up from the bottom center of the screen.
  • To find the application you want to close, swipe in either direction across the screen.
  • By swiping up, you can exit the app.

Clear Your Pairing List

Some Bose headphones allow you to connect up to eight different devices simultaneously. You can pair your headphones with a Bluetooth device thanks to this feature.

While working, you can connect with your iPhone, while unwinding on the weekend with your home computer, or even while traveling with an iPad so you can stream content.

The headphones initially search through a number of options when you try to connect to an iPhone before realizing that your preferred device is actually right in front of you.

When this happens, you might have to clear your pairing list from the Bluetooth menu in order to get your Bose headphones and an iPhone back in touch.

  • Turn on your Bose headphones’ power
  • Position the switch so that it is facing the device’s Bluetooth icon.
  • Hold it still for at least ten seconds.
  • Listen to your headphones to confirm that you clear the list of devices; you’ll hear “Cleared the list of Bluetooth devices.”
  • It will be necessary to restart the process by turning the headphones off and back on again if you don’t keep the switch in the Bluetooth position for a long enough period of time.
  • If these steps don’t work, look into your device’s Bluetooth settings. The discovery process could, for instance, fail due to a transmission issue.

How To Put Bose Earbuds In Pairing Mode

Bose earbuds come in a number of models today. Since they all use Bluetooth, they should be able to connect to various devices with ease.

Each device will require a different set of steps to connect Bose earbuds. However, when you turn on the earbuds for the first time, they ought to be in pairing mode. If not, pairing mode will need to be engaged.

Here’s how to do this for different models:

  • Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: When the Bluetooth light starts to slowly blink, press and hold the button on the case.
  • Bose Sport Earbuds: equivalent to Bose QuietComfort
  • Bose Sport Open Earbuds: Press and hold the button on the right earbud for five seconds until you hear “ready to connect.”
  • Bose Soundsport wireless: Until the light turns blue, press and hold the power button on the right earbud.

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