How to Connect Sony Headphones to Mac


Most people may think it’s simpler to navigate on a Windows-based PC than a MacBook. Some even explain why they don’t get apple products saying, “it is just never easy navigating through like other regular gadgets brands.” I always get  questions like, “Can I use my Sony headphones on a Mac?”, and “How do I connect my Sony WH1000XM4 to my Mac?”, “My Mac may not have Bluetooth, I’m not sure.”, “The use of Sony headphones with a Mac appears to be impossible.”

The good news is that you are about to learn a step-by-step tutorial for connecting your Sony Bluetooth headphone to your MacBook, no matter if you have a robust Sony WH-CH700N, an active noise cancellation Sony WH-1000XM3 or a slender, small Sony WF-1000XM3.

As we delve deeper, we find answers to all these questions and more.

Access Bluetooth On MacBook

Every MacBook series released since 2011 has Bluetooth capabilities. The alternative is to connect your headphones to your Mac with a cable if your device does not support a Bluetooth connection.

Using any of the following three steps, you can find out if your Mac has Bluetooth;

  1. Check through the menu bar for the Bluetooth icon. The presence of Bluetooth on your Mac is indicated if you find it.
  2. Select “System Preference” from the Apple menu and click “Bluetooth”. Your Mac can use Bluetooth once you have the choice to enable it and turn on device visibility.
  3. Even though this advice is the longest, you can try it if the first two don’t work. However, there’s a good chance your device lacks Bluetooth functionality if the first two suggestions don’t work. For this step, go to “About this Mac” and select “More Information.” From the hardware section, pick Bluetooth. If your screen displays Bluetooth-related information, then it has Bluetooth capability.

Now that you’ve located the Bluetooth turn it on by turning it on in the Apple menu bar. But if you can’t find it there, you can go to “Device Settings” on your Apple menu, select “Bluetooth,” and “Bluetooth will be visible in the menu bar.”

You’ve successfully activated Bluetooth, so congratulations.


Connect Sony Headphones With Mac

To pair your Sony headphones to Mac, you are to follow the steps below

Step 1

Turn on your headphones.

Step 2

If the headphones are new, you need not bother about this step, but if you have been using the headphones before, you have to check and ensure that it is not paired with any nearby device. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to connect your headphones to your Mac.

Step 3

If your headphones indicate that they are connected to another device, you should stop the connection between your Combine Sony headphones with the apparatus and your Mac.

Step 4

To begin pairing, long-press the power button on your Sony headphone. The Bluetooth headphone’s light typically starts to flash at this point to indicate pairing mode. However, not every model of Sony headphones indicates in the same way.

It is important to note that the blue mark light on your Sony headphones pulses fast before the Bluetooth pairing is complete.

Step 5

To connect your headphones with your Mac, you have to check the Bluetooth preferences on your Mac. Go to the upper-right corner of your Mac’s toolbar and click the “B” Bluetooth switch.

Step 6

Click on “Switch to Bluetooth Settings.” When you do this, a list of the gadgets that were previously connected to your Mac will appear. Work your way through the list until you find a Bluetooth device with a name that sounds similar to the model of your Sony headphones. You should see a speaker icon or a headphone icon close to the device name.

Step 7

Lastly, click on the link button close to the name of your Sony headphones. If the pair is successful, you should hear “Bluetooth paired” through your Sony headphones.

Another way to confirm a successful pair between your Mac and Sony headphones is to go back to the “B” button on the upper-right corner of your Mac and see if the icon now exhibits a faint shade with three dots in the center. If it does, your Sony headphones and Mac pairing was successful, as you have just learned.

Also, make sure your headphones are in order. If the blue light blinks slower than it was while pairing, it is an indication that you have successfully paired both devices.

How to Disconnect Sony Headphones from Mac?

I am aware that connecting the Sony headphones to the Mac is the most crucial step in this article, but many people find it difficult to unplug them.

Since only one action is needed to complete the disconnection, it is slightly simpler than the connection.

Turning off the headphones is the first step in separating your Sony headphones from your Mac. Yes, that’s confusing enough; remove your headphones. Next, press and hold the power and custom buttons simultaneously for roughly seven minutes (yes, again) or until the blue LED light appears. If holding it for seven seconds doesn’t work, try holding it longer until the light indicator blinks four times.

You should let go of the keys once the light goes out, at which point the headphones will be successfully disconnected from your Mac.

Final Tips

To avoid sudden disconnection or interruption of any kind, ensure to

  • Maintain the maximum distance of 30 feet between your headphones and You can get as close as one foot, Mac, but you can’t get any farther than thirty feet.
  • Do not keep objects or other devices between your headphones from Sony and a Mac.


We’ve talked about how to tell if your Mac is Bluetooth-enabled, how to pair it with a pair of Sony headphones, and simple ways to keep the connection going. I’m hoping this article will be able to help you through.


Do Sony headphones have the potential to overcharge?

Headphone batteries are made to turn off after a full charge, preventing them from being overcharged.

How much time can I spend using my Bluetooth headphones before it shuts off?

Different brands have different battery life for headphones. You should have at least four hours of use out of a pair of headphones with the shortest battery life possible.

How far away can I go from my PC while it is connected to my wireless headphones?

You can stand up to 30 meters away from your computer using headphones with a standard operating range.

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