Did Will. Smith Copy A Movie? The Truth.

copy a movie

After reenacting the infamous Will Smith Oscars slap, a YouTuber is receiving a lot of attention on social media. In order to create motivational content about people learning from their mistakes and avoiding physical violence, the YouTuber created the short film. People on the internet believed that Will Smith had stolen theatrics from the short film for his Academy Awards performance as clips from the movie began to go viral.

The fifteen-minute short skit was written and directed by businessman and film producer Dhar Mann. The film, titled Movie Star SLAPS HOST AT AWARD SHOW, What Happens Is Shocking, opens with comedian actor Elijah (played by Melvin Ward) is mentioned in a joke by Corey and the event’s host (Rishi Arya). The actor’s weight loss has apparently been transferred to his wife Angela (Shaunte Massard), according to Corey’s subsequent remarks.

Then Corey makes a bad joke about Angela in the movie. Elijah notices his wife is not amused as the crowd and he continue to laugh at the jokes made about the woman.

Elijah then stands up and walks over to the stage where Corey is standing in order to slap him across the face. Elijah shouts at Corey, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth, Corey,” as he settles back into his chair.”

As the story of the movie progresses, Elijah comes to terms with the repercussions of his actions and issues a public apology for using physical force during the event. Elijah says he is sorry and continues:

“To start with, I want to apologize to Corey Williams. I didn’t have any business touching you. In the end, you’re just a comedian doing your job, and you do an excellent job of hosting. I was overcome by my emotions, but that is still not an acceptable defense for what I did. I sincerely apologize for that.”

copy a movie
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Netizens Assume Will Smith Copied Short Film

Many internet users believed that Will Smith simply played the part of Elijah and imitated the artist by slapping Chris Rock in the face during this year’s Academy Awards as clips from the short film started to spread on social media sites like TikTok. But this is not the case. After the embarrassing incident on the award stage, as previously mentioned, Dhar Mann’s brief video was made public.

The Oscars incident served as an instructional tool in the short film.

The short film has received more than five million views on Dhar Mann’s YouTube channel, which has more than 15.5 million subscribers.

Will Smith is disappointed that his Oscars slap has influenced popular culture. Online, a plethora of memes have been created about the topic. He has received some professional blows in addition to being a source of amusement online. The actor’s Netflix arrangement to create a sequel to the hit film Bright has been terminated.

Additionally, he will not be permitted to attend the Academy Awards for the subsequent ten years.

Bloomberg also reported that his National Geographic series Pole to Pole has also been delayed for several months following the controversial Oscars moment.

On Friday, the King Richard star appeared on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, where he claimed that during a trip to When he traveled to Peru to take ayahuasca, he had a vision that foretold the loss of everything in his life, including his home and job.

It’s crucial to remember that the David Letterman episode was shot before the Academy Awards incident.

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