How Long Do Wired Headphones Last? Tips for Caring

Wired Headphones

There are wired headphones that last for many years and others that only last a few months. It depends on how frequently you use them and how well you take care of them, just like everything else in life.

But there are other factors as well; in this article, we’ll examine how long wired headphones typically last, discuss the various aspects of headphone lifespan, and provide some advice for extending the lifespan of your headphones.

Here’s How Long Wired Headphones Last

When you take good care of the wires, you can extend the lifespan of wired headphones, which is typically around two years. If you treat them gently, wired headphones can last up to 7-8 years, making them generally more durable than Bluetooth headphones.

What is the Average Lifetime of Wired Headphones?

The lifespan of wired headphones is only 2 years on average, but you can extend that time by giving your headphones proper care.

Do not pack them in a bag with other items or keep them in dusty areas.

Keep in mind that if you don’t abuse your headphones, they will last much longer.

Because I treat my wired headphones well and never drop them in a bag where they could tangle with other wires, I’ve personally owned them for more than ten years.

How Long Do HIGH-END Wired Headphones Last?

If you take care of your wired high-end headphones, they should last for many years.

Additionally, the materials and design have an impact on lifespan.

They might only last a year, for instance, if you use these headphones every day while working out at the gym.

These headphones might still work after ten years of use, though, if you only use them occasionally.

Are the Major Brands Still Making Wired Headphones?

The major manufacturers still produce wired headphones, and they provide a variety of choices.

Basic headphones are available, as well as some with excellent features like noise-cancellation or wireless functionality.

Many smaller businesses produce Bluetooth earphones that are comfortable to wear during exercise or daily use and have good sound quality for the price point.

Some of the major brands of headphones are:

  1. Sony
  2. Bose
  3. Sennheiser
  4. Audio-Technica


The company is converting a few of its wired headphone models to wireless functionality for its upcoming lineup.

The bigger brands as a whole tend to follow this trend.


The most well-known and respected headphones in their category are made by Audio-Technica.

They have a good selection of durable headphones that can last for a very long time, as well as wired alternatives.

Wired Headphones

Do Wired Headphones Last Longer Than Bluetooth?

Usually more robust than Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones will last longer with proper maintenance.

They are battery-free, which is the cause. When you have a wired pair of headphones, their power source is the audio device they are connected to, not internal batteries.

Additionally, it means that wired headphones typically have a longer lifespan than Bluetooth headphones.

Because they don’t require an external signal processor like wireless models do, wired headsets provide slightly less sound distortion than wireless models that use batteries.

The sound is slightly compressed when transmitted over Bluetooth.

Which Brands of Wired Headphones Last the Longest?

In general, these brands tend to last the longest:

  1. Sony
  2. Sennheiser
  3. Bose

But there are no assurances.

You should replace wired headphones as soon as they start to lose sound quality because they can break or suffer other types of wear and tear over time.

Additionally, if the cord begins to fray or becomes frayed, you should replace them.

One shouldn’t anticipate too much durability from wired headphones. It’s just like anything else. They will age more quickly if you abuse them or use them more frequently.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Listening Devices

How long your headphones last can depend on a number of different things. Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind:

Type of Headphones

The kind of headphones you have will have a significant impact on how long they last. Because they are more susceptible to damage from things like earwax and sweat, in-ear headphones, for instance, typically last less time than over-ear or on-ear models.

How Often You Use Them

The lifespan of your headphones will be shortened the more you use them. They will last a lot longer if you only use them occasionally rather than frequently.

Durability Features

Some headphones have characteristics that increase their durabilities, such as reinforced cables or water-resistant coatings. Your headphones’ lifespan may be increased with the aid of these features. If you’re concerned about breaking your headphones, the detachable cords that come with most headphones are also a useful feature.

Tips for Caring for In-Ear Headphones and Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones

The durability of in-ear and wireless headphones isn’t well known. But you can extend their lifespan by taking care of the headphones as soon as you can and continuing to do so even after your initial enthusiasm wanes.

Treating your headphones like babies, especially as they start to age, is the most crucial thing to remember. Your care and attention are required for everything you need to know about your headphones.

1. Do not ignore the Case

True wireless earbuds are offered in cases that have been specially created for them for a reason. Carry the case with you wherever you go and use them. The case is resistant to dust, and water, and is waterproof. It safeguards the earbuds from any damage.

Don’t put the wireless earbuds directly into your pocket, your wallet, or your purse without a case, no matter how appealing or comfortable it may be.

2. Examine the Battery Regularly

Isn’t one of the most crucial features we consider when buying wireless headphones the battery life? To make sure that the battery does not get weaker or die, it is too late, you should consider these things:

  • Don’t let them charge all night
  • If the battery or wireless earbuds begin to become hot Stop using them immediately
  • Eighty percent of the time, the charging rate is sufficient to be regarded as acceptable.
  • Battery drain from Bluetooth is another issue.
  • As soon as you are finished using them, turn off the earbuds and put them in the case.

3. Calendar Monthly Cleaning

If used frequently, wireless earphones may collect dust. Do you understand why it’s not a good idea to use dirty ear tips again? Additionally, this is unhygienic. To clean the earpieces on your headphones, use cotton swabs. To remove the challenging stains and dirt, dampen the swab. Before you start cleaning, find out how to clean your headphones.

Ideas to Improve the Life of Wired Headphones

Because of the mess that the wires make, many people opt for wireless and Bluetooth headphones. While wired headphones do have some benefits, they also need to be handled carefully to maintain sound quality, reduce background noise, and make sure the mic (if present) works as it should.

1. Invest in Cable Guards

The best way to prevent damage to these delicate wires from the outside environment is to make sure you have cable guards in place. The length of the cord between the headphones and the other is shielded by cable guards.

To stop wires from getting cut, cracked, or broken, the cable guards act as a sheath. It’s crucial to check whether your cord is protected by guards and to hire a professional to do it.

2. Don’t play in the Internet of Things

Everything is up to you. We don’t consider what we do to the wires on headphones. When we pull, stretch, pull, twist, or tie them into tight loops, we are manipulating them.

Nothing can shorten the lifespan of headphones with overused cords. Always take your time to untangle the cord if it becomes tangled. Avoid using force as it might damage the wires inside. The cord shouldn’t hang.

3. Use Usage Track Duration

Long-term headphone use is not advised. It is not advised to fully charge the battery before using the headphones again once they stop working and need another charge. The battery will become weaker and have a shorter lifespan if you do this frequently. Additionally, this can harm your ears over time, resulting in difficulty and discomfort.

4. Do not use the headphones when charging

Never wear your headphones while they are charging (this recommendation is only for wireless headphones, which can also be wired). This has the potential to drain the battery more quickly than anything else. Overheating may result from this. Sparks may be produced by a malfunctioning internal mechanism or wire. Wearers of the headphones run the risk of suffering physical harm if they are burned.

How Can You Ensure That the Headphones You Buy Last Longer?

Foam ear cushions are included with over-ear headphones to cushion the ears and improve sound quality. The padding serves as an ear shield and aids in absorbing outside noise as well as noise that is generated by the model you are using.

The band connecting the ear pads on the headphones can be either a padded band that fits ear pads or a simple plastic band without padding. For your headphones to last as long as possible, you must take care of the following in either scenario.

1. The Ear Cleaner Padding

Sweat and moisture as well as outside dirt and grime are all gathered in the padding. To remove this grime, use cotton balls or a very soft cloth.

Use the cloth to clean the headband and ear pads by soaking it in a dilute solution of mild detergent, wringing it out, and using it to clean them. Don’t do this task while intoxicated.

2. Look into the charging ports. Ports

The charging port’s connectors are delicate. Take care not to obstruct the USB cord in the port. Make sure that nothing, including liquids or dirt, enters the charging port. The port might sustain long-lasting harm.

3. Make sure you have a protective bag or case

If the headphones are not packaged in a specific case, you will need to bring your own. All you’ll need is a soft bag. Keep in mind that you must regularly clean the pouch to keep it fresh.

4. Make Sure You Clean the Components in the Inner Parts thoroughly

It’s also essential to clean the interior earpads. Doing so, however, is only advised if you are certain that you can reassemble it. The goal is to thoroughly clean the worn headphones to get rid of the dust and improve the sound and music. After removing the headphones, you can clean up any dust and dirt with a soft toothbrush.

While brushing, take care not to harm the internal wires or drivers. To remove hair and other small objects, use tweezers. Place the ear pads back in their original position after that.

Can Cheap Headphones Last Longer?

Technically, no. Low-priced or inexpensive headphones are made of subpar materials that aren’t long-lasting and dependable. When compared to more expensive models, the Cheap model has a shorter lifespan. Many experts contend that you get the quality you pay for regardless of how much you spend.

They are advising customers to spend more money on high-end models because of this. When purchasing headphones, the brand is another important factor to take into account. Since their reputations are on the line, well-known brands tend to be more selective with the materials they use.

But make sure the brands you pick offer a minimum one-year warranty on their headphone products. This suggests that the headphones or earphones will probably continue to work for at least a year.

Less than a year is the average lifespan of low-end headphones. These models are rated for approximately a year, or if you’re lucky, two or three years. For less than $100, you could get a brand-new pair of midrange models.

General Tips to Help Make Your Headphones Last More

No matter the type of headphones you own, you will need to take the necessary precautions to keep them secure and clean. Your wireless earbuds or headphones should last longer with the help of these simple tips.

  • After every use, clean the headphones.
  • Use your headphones or earphones only when you are alone.
  • Clean the jack regularly A soiled jack can lead to static and distortion of sound
  • Cleanse the headphone case both inside and out
  • If the ear pads start to deteriorate, replace them.
  • Never throw, dump, or drop your headphones.
  • Keep moisture out at all costs. Use silica gel packets
  • The input source’s ohms and the headphones’ ohms should match.
  • Do not listen to audio at high volumes
  • Maintain a charging schedule
  • Buy reliable, durable, and premium headphones

Conclusion: Take Care of Your Headphones to Keep Them Last Longer

You have complete control over why your headphones last longer. It’s crucial to exercise caution and give the headphones some tender loving care. Follow the maintenance schedule. Additionally, it will spare you from having to spend a lot of money on repairs.

In general, models with a warranty and a recognizable brand are safer. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller when making an online purchase to ensure that you receive a genuine article. Make sure to do your homework on the product by reading articles, reviews, and advice from experts.

Please share your maintenance routine with us in the comments if you have one if you use one to maintain your headphones. Let’s talk!

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