How to Pair Jaybird Headphones (With Video)

Jaybird Headphones

Both casual users and athletes like to wear Jaybird headphones.

​The following two methods will work for almost all Jaybird headphone models if you bought your headphones used or simply forgot how to connect them.

You might be trying to figure out how to solve problems like how to fix Bluetooth lag or you might have a new set of headphones. We are available to assist you in connecting your Jaybirds in either case.

How to Pair Jaybird Headphones? Explained

Your search has come to an end because we have gathered all the data required to answer this question. Take your brand-new Jaybird headphones out of the packaging and pair them right away.

Steps for Connecting Jaybird Headphones to Your Device

Following are the steps you need to follow for pairing your Jaybird headphones:

  • Take out your storage case containing your Jaybird headphones. Put these recognizable headphones in your ears or fix them there.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth device by taking it out. Does that imply you must make sure Bluetooth is turned on or off?
  • The next step is to access your Bluetooth device’s settings. From the list of devices that can be connected, choose the tab for your Jaybird Run headphones.
  • Your right ear cup will make a connection sound if you are able to connect to your device. The sound will then come through on both sides as the left ear cup plugs into the right.

Anyone can connect their headphones to the audio device using these steps. The steps below can be used to pair a different device with your Jaybird headset.

Steps for pairing Jaybird headphones

It’s interesting to know how to pair the Jaybird headphones. Many people want to take advantage of this opportunity, but they are unsure of how to proceed. The steps below can assist you if you have connected one device and want to pair it with another.

A. in the Charging Mode

Use these instructions to pair the headphones with another device even if they are charging.

  • your right earbud from the case.
  • Work solely with your right earbud and close the charging case.
  • Use the multipurpose button on it to turn off your earbud.
  • For at least three seconds, press the button. The right earbud will become inactive.
  • Make another use of the multifunction button to start the pairing mode.
  • This time, depress the button for up to 6 seconds. The LED flash will turn on. Greenlight will begin to be released by the flash. The pairing mode has been activated, as indicated by this green LED light.
  • There will be a voice alert. Select your Bluetooth device’s settings and head over to Jaybird Run, the voice will say.
  • The same process will take place in the following steps. The left earbud will first connect to the right one, and then the right earbud will connect to the left one.

So, if you follow this procedure, you can pair your Jaybird headphones.

B. Out of Charging Mode

  • Start with the right ear bud if the headphones are not in charging mode.
  • Your right earbud should now be free of the case.
  • Work only with the right earbud and close the charging case.
  • Using the multipurpose button that is there, turn off the right earbud. The multifunction performs a variety of tasks.
  • Right earbud will be unplugged after at least three seconds of button press.
  • Repress the multi-use button to start the pairing mode.
  • For as long as 6 seconds, press the button this time. The LED flash will turn on. Green light will start to come from the flash. When the pairing mode is activated, the green LED light turns on.
  • There will be a voice message. The voice will tell you to choose your Bluetooth device’s settings and head over to Jaybird Run.
  • The right earbud should now be turned on or activated by pressing the turn-on button. Press it three times for this. It will activate the button.
  • The same process will take place in the steps. The left earbud will first connect to the right one, and then the right earbud will connect to the left one.
  • So you can pair your Jaybird headphones if you proceed in this manner.

Here is an example of how to Pair Jaybird Freedom Headphones / Wireless Earbuds.


A maximum of four pairing devices’ information can be stored in the Jaybird headphones.

Try this final tip if the previous suggestions do not help you par the Jaybird.

  • In the list of available devices, deactivate your Jaybird Bluetooth device.

Reactivate the device after you’ve turned it off. If that doesn’t work, try a different pair of headphones.


Why Do My Jaybirds Keep Saying Headphones Connected?

If “Connected” is heard repeatedly, from your They might be connecting to another paired device if they are X4 earbuds. By turning off Bluetooth® on any other paired devices, try to isolate this.

How Do You Reset Jaybird Headphones?

  1. Ensure that your earbuds are turned off.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds starting from the off position to make the LEDs flash red and green.
  3. Press the power button two times. You should hear a double tone in addition to the LED flashing quickly. You’ve just reset your buds.

How Do I Reset My Jaybird Vista Headphones?

Reset your earbuds to factory settings by pressing and holding the case button until the case LED begins to blink white. Press the case button twice while the charge case LED is flashing white. You can now close the case after the LED begins to blink pink. Your earbuds are reset and prepared to pair when you open the case.

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