How to Pair Aftershokz Headphones Easily

12. How to Pair Aftershokz Headphones1

In this article, we’ll walk you through Aftershokz Bluetooth pairing if you have any questions or are having trouble connecting.

Remove your headphones before you begin. Press and hold the power button for 5–7 seconds to activate pairing mode. How can you tell when you are in pairing mode? The LED light will flash red and blue, and voice prompter Audrey will say, “pairing.”

How To Enter Aftershokz Pairing Mode

We must first learn how to put Aftershokz and Shokz into pairing mode before moving on to how to connect them.

To prompt Shokz or Aftershokz Bluetooth pairing mode, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure the headphones are switched off to start
  2. Press and hold the Volume+ button for 5-7 seconds
  3. Wait until the LED flashes red and blue
  4. You should hear the voice of Audrey, the Shokz voice prompter, say ‘Pairing’
  5. Your Shokz or Aftershokz pairing mode is now activated

How To Pair Shokz To Your Device

We can begin connecting to our mobile phones now that we know how to set up the pairing mode for Shokz and Aftershokz!

Shokz and Aftershokz Bluetooth pairing will operate the same, so regardless of whether you own a newer or older model, you’ll just need to follow these instructions:

How To Pair Shokz Headphones To Android

  1. Ensure your Shokz or Aftershokz pairing mode is enabled
  2. Open the ‘Settings’ menu on your Android device
  3. Locate your Shokz headphones on the device list
  4. Select your Shokz
  5. The Shokz LED should flash blue and prompt you with a voice confirmation of ‘Connected’

How To Pair Shokz Headphones To Iphone

  1. Make sure your Shokz or Aftershokz Bluetooth pairing mode is enabled
  2. Open the iPhone ‘Settings’ app
  3. Select ‘Bluetooth’
  4. You should see your headphones on the available device list
  5. To pair, simply click the headphones. The Shokz LED should flash blue with a voice confirmation saying ‘Connected’
12. How to Pair Aftershokz Headphones2

How To Pair Shokz Headphones To Laptop

  1. Open the ‘Start’ menu and search for ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Devices’
  4. If prompted, select ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices’
  5. Click on ‘Add Bluetooth Or Other Device’ followed by ‘Bluetooth’
  6. Click on your Shokz to connect after finding them. The blue LED should flash and prompt you with a voice confirming you are ‘Connected’

It’s important to remember that your Bluetooth drivers must be current if you’re having trouble connecting and wondering how to pair Aftershokz headphones (or Shokz) to your laptop.

A Bluetooth adapter might be required to complete this connection if you’re using an older laptop.

These directions still apply if you’re using a PC because the procedure is the same.

How To Pair Shokz To Mac

  1. Select the ‘Apple’ logo in the top left of the screen
  2. Click on ‘System Preferences’
  3. Click on the Bluetooth logo
  4. Locate your Shokz and click on them to connect. The blue LED will flash, and a voice reminder of ‘Connected’ should play

How To Pair Shokz With Nfc

Near field communication, also known as NFC, is a cutting-edge technology that enables a compatible mobile device and NFC-enabled headset to connect simply by being in close proximity to one another.

There is no longer any need to scroll through Bluetooth and settings menus.

However, the Aftershokz OpenComm Bone Conduction headset is the only one that supports NFC at the moment.

To use NFC to pair Aftershokz headphones, just follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure your Aftershokz Bluetooth pairing mode is enabled
  2. Hold your headphones (where the NFC logo is located) next to the device you want to connect to
  3. After a moment, a blue light will flash with a voice confirmation of ‘Connected’
  4. If a prompt pops up onscreen, hit confirm to complete the connection

Compared to the standard Aftershokz Bluetooth pairing procedure, this is, as previously mentioned, much quicker. You must, however, confirm that your Android device is currently NFC compatible.

Aftershokz Headphones And Near Field Communication (nfc) Pairing

If Bluetooth isn’t functioning properly, another pairing mode to try is NFC.

All it takes to establish a connection using Near Field Communication is to hold two NFC-enabled mobile devices close to one another.

For the most part, it permits phones, tablets, headphones, etc. with other NFC-enabled devices, to share data more quickly and easily.

(Note: When I said an NFC-equipped headset, I meant that not all headsets support and have this feature; for instance, on AfterShokz, their OpenComm headset is the only one that does.)

To pair the OpenComm headsets, hold down the Volume+ button until the headset begins to flash red and blue, and then place the NFC sign—which is located on the left arm of the headset—near the NFC detection area.

Once the blue light flashes, you’re ready to go.

Pairing Aftershokz To Multiple Devices:

Multipoint pairing is available on AfterShokz headphones, enabling simultaneous connections to two devices.

  • Like always, hit it off with the headphones turned off
  • Then enter pairing mode by pressing the volume+ button up to 5-7 seconds)
  • Once you are done with pairing press and hold the multifunctional button and the volume+ for at least 2-3 seconds, until you hear Audrey saying “Multipoint Enabled”
  • Restart the pairing process after turning off your headphones a second time.
  • Once you pair the second device you will hear Audrey say “Device Two Connected” and the led light flashes red and blue.

You’re done; these two devices should now have the headphones paired.

How To Pair Aftershokz Headphones With Windows 10

In order to pair Aftershokz headphones with Windows 10:

  • Switch on the AfterShokz headphones, press the volume up button for about 10 seconds and this will put them on pairing mode
  • Open the Settings app, Click on Bluetooth & Devices and turn on Bluetooth
  • Click on Add Devices
  • Select Bluetooth and then your system will automatically look for Bluetooth devices in range
  • Once the Aftershokz headphones appear there, select it and the pairing will begin

You will receive a notification on the computer and/or an audio notification on the AfterShoz Bluetooth headphones once the pairing is completed successfully.
Please be aware that the AfterShokz headphones and the laptop must be 9 meters apart in order for the connection to work.

How Do Aftershokz Headphones And A Smart Tv Pair?

In order to pair AfterShokz headphones with Smart TV:

  • Switch on the AfterShokz headphones and put them in pairing mode using the steps mentioned above
  • Power on the Smart TV and with the remote open the Settings or Device menu
  • Now you will have to look for connectivity or Bluetooth settings
  • Turn on the TV Bluetooth and the TV will start searching for Bluetooth devices
  • Once the pairing is completed, you can use your headphones with the TV

To get the output in the AfterShokz headphones in some circumstances, you might need to turn off the audio output from the TV speakers.

You can accomplish this by using the Audio or Sound settings. If your TV isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter or adaptor to it and then connect your wireless Skullcandy earbuds as instructed there.

Final Words

I hope I was clear about how to pair aftershokz headphones and you were able to start pairing mode with your aftershokz Bluetooth headphones after reading this.

Since those are some excellent bone conduction headphones, it would be a shame if you couldn’t.

Since most Bluetooth devices go through a similar pairing procedure, once you learn from this blog it will be simpler for you to pair other devices.

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